SuPrep - Evening Dose

(Prep is taken all on the evening before procedure)

Please read all of these instructions carefully several days before the procedure.
You must follow the instructions exactly in order to cleanse your colon adequately.  If your colon is not properly prepared, it may result in cancellation of your procedure.  You will be given a prescription for SuPrep and you will need to purchase an over the counter laxative Dulcolax (Biscodyl-generic). 

4 Days prior to procedure:
Avoid high fiber foods such as corn, nuts, tomatoes, lettuce, fruit skins, fresh or dried fruits, bran cereals, fiber/granola bars, etc.  Click here for more examples on Low Fiber Diet.  Drink extra clear liquids all day.

1 Day prior to procedure: 
You are to have Clear Liquids only the entire day before your procedure and are encouraged to drink liberally, at least 10 (8 oz.) glasses, throughout the day. Clear liquids include: broth, tea, plain Jell-o(without fruit), punch, Kool-Aid, Sprite, 7-up, clear juices (i.e. apple or cranberry) sports drinks, flavored waters or Popsicles. If you drink or consume red colored products, you may experience red colored bowel movements so this is not advised.  You may have clear liquids up until the time of your procedure.

* Please note,  the start times below are approximations.   If you need to move the start time up or back an hour or more,  then adjust the other times the same amount.

At 3pm the Day prior to procedure:
Take 1 Dulcolax (Biscodyl-generic) laxative tablet every 10 minutes with an 8 oz. glass of water until you have taken a total of 2 tablets (over the counter, no prescription needed).

Colon purge solution preparation:  Pour (1) 6 oz. bottle of SuPrep solution into the mixing container and add cool drinking water to the 16 oz. line on the container and mix.  

At 5pm the Day prior to procedure:
Step 1: Begin drinking the SuPrep solution.  Drink all of the liquid in the container over a period of 15 minutes. Then, you MUST drink 2 additional 16 oz. glasses of clear liquids over the next hour (preferably water).

Feelings of bloating are common after the first few glasses because of the large amount of fluid ingested. This is usually temporary and should disappear once bowel movements begin. If you experience nausea or cramping, stop drinking for 15 minutes. Try drinking warm tea, broth, or hard candy, and then begin again.

At 8pm the Day prior to procedure:
Step 2: Follow the same instructions as listed under Step 1 using the second 6 oz. bottle  of SuPrep solution.  The prep is not complete until the stools are clear or light yellow water.  Do NOT eat any solid food until after your exam. You may have clear liquids up to the time of your exam unless told otherwise by your doctor. Arrive on time for your procedure.

If you have questions or experience difficulty with the prep:  

Please first look at this link Colon Prep: Questions & Answers.   If that does not answer your questions, then call the Endoscopy Unit at the number below.  You may call any time day or night.  An endoscopy nurse is on call from home after regular hours.  

Mercy Endoscopy Unit:   319-398-6484 (7am-5pm)    after 5pm:  319-533-2205
Directions: Please use parking ramp off of 8th Street/8th Ave. Park on 2nd level and use North entrance to hospital. Follow signs to Digestive Health Center.
Click here for Google Maps Directions.

St. Lukes Endoscopy Unit:   319-369-7301
Directions: Enter the East entrance drive from A Ave. To your left is a Reserved Parking lot. Look for the green sign. Press the parking gate button and gate will open as you enter. Enter east entrance of hospital, take first elevator to 4th floor and follow signs to Digestive Health Center.

Surgery Center Cedar Rapids:    
319-558-4800 (6am-4pm)    after 4pm:  319-533-7136
Directions: Address is 1075 1st Ave, SE, Cedar rapids, IA 52402.
Click here for Google Maps Directions.

--You must have a driver available to take you home once the procedure is completed. NO CABS OR BUSES. The procedure will be cancelled if you do not have a driver to take you home. Your stay will be approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

--You will need a responsible adult to stay with you after your procedure for the remainder of the day.

--If you are on blood thinners, please talk to your doctor well in advance of the procedure. 

--DO NOT use Advil (Ibuprofen), Aleve (Naproxen), Relafen, Mobic, Motrin or other NSAIDs for 5 days prior to procedure.  You may take Tylenol.

--DO NOT use Fish Oil for 7 days prior to procedure.

--Please take necessary prescription medications, such as blood pressure and asthma medications, with a small amount of water on the morning of the procedure.

--Stop iron supplements at least one week before your procedure. This includes vitamins with iron.

--Stop FIBER supplements 2 days before the procedure. This includes METAMUCIL, CITRUCEL, Fibercon, etc.

--Leave valuables at home.

--Bring a list of your medications and allergies with you.

--Contact your insurance company and confirm the details of your coverage and pre-certification.

--Bring your insurance and/or Medicare cards.